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Jurnal Pendidikan Kebutuhan Khusus merupakan jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh  jurusan Pendidikan Luar Biasa FIP UNP sebagai sarana publikasi ilmiah di bidang Pendidikan Kebutuhan Khusus. Jurnal akan terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun. 

Print ISSN : 2598-5183
Online ISSN : 2598-2508
Publisher : Jurusan Pendidikan Luar Biasa Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UNP
Editor in Chief : Elsa Efrina
Frequency : 2 issues per year
Focus and Scope : Jurnal Pendidikan Kebutuhan Khusus (JPKK): is a scientific journal that accepts articles or manuscripts written from the results of research or  scientific work rather than research, in the form of the results of analysis or review of the authors of the thoughts or ideas of other authors. Articles published in the JPKK are written by following the guidelines for the procedures for writing national and international standard scientific papers. Both the research results and non-research papers are prepared by following the 'template' determined by the Jurnal Pendidikan Kebutuhan Khusus.

Call of Paper Volume 8 Nomor 1

Nov 30, 2023

Jurnal Pendidikan Kebutuhan Khusus

Jurnal Pendidikan Kebutuhan Khusus (JPKK) invites you to submit the paper for published in Volume 8 Number 1 Tahun 2024.  Before  submission, please register as author and login to submit your paper.

Thank you.

Vol. 8 No. 1 (2024): JPKK

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